Devfolio - Brand Illustration System

Apr 23, 2023

Devfolio is India's largest and fastest-growing community of builders. Their mission is to help create a thriving community of builders who love making things. Devfolio are the hosts of India’s largest community hackathon - InOut, wmn; - India’s largest women-only hackathon and ETHIndia - India’s largest Ethereum hackathon. Devfolio has helped organizers host more than a hundred hackathons all over the world.

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My role

To create digital Illustrations for the Devfolio website as well as for campaigns including their -

  • Cheer project

  • Website edge cases

  • WMN'23 Hackathon

  • Product illustrations

Time Frame

September '22 - April '23 ( 7 Months, 2-3 hrs/day)


Cheer Project

Cheer Project allows the wider community to financially back builders and their projects directly on Devfolio, by associating monetary value (ETH) with digital stickers. This support not only motivates builders to continue working on their projects but also helps them find a source of passive or active income, depending on the project's nature.


Final illustrations

Website edge cases

All edge cases in the Devfolio product journey needed a system to create scalable yet cohesive visual language, hence the following was created:


Final illustrations

WMN'23 Hackathon

With the aim to celebrate the brilliance and ingenuity of women who are pivotal in shaping the future of technology, this women-only hackathon brings together a community of inventive peers. Whether one building the next big app, developing cutting-edge software, or crafting innovative tech solutions, this is their chance to shine alongside other tech-savvy women and bring their wildest tech ideas to life!

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Event banner

Website hero illustration

Product illustrations

404 page

Claims page

Delete account page

Discussion channels

Solo applications

Quadrative voting


Thanks for reading! See you in the next project!